Austin Area Schools

In Texas, schools are divided up between ISDs, which stands for Independent School District, as they are fully independent from both city and country jurisdiction. It is important to note that school district boundaries in Texas for the most part do not correspond with either city or county boundaries. In fact, a school district can include a number of counties or even several cities. Alternatively, in larger cities the school districts may be divided up into many smaller independent districts.

All school districts in Texas fall under the jurisdiction of the Texas Education Agency, also known as the TEA. Extracurricular activities, on the other hand, fall under the the jurisdiction of the University Interscholastic League, which is a separate entity from the TEA.

These links provide you with some of the school districts that serve the Austin area, so you can search with a single click for homes within that specific school district. Additionally, you have access to extensive information about that school district's market.