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According to the latest The Business Journals' On Numbers report, Austin's economy leads the list of 102 ranked US cities. Job growth is the real driving factor here as many large corporations, such as IBM and EBAY annouced plans to increase hiring in town. Ausin leads the nation in overall job creation over the past 5 years, a 11.8% increase since 2008, the next closest competitor being Houston coming in at 9%.
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According to The Urban Land Institute's Emerging Trends In Real Estate 2014 report, Austin is ranked 7th when it comes to opportunities for investment and development in real estate. High growth in the job market, housing construction and attracting new businesses catapulted Austin above Miami, Boston and Orange County all of which have seen massive growth in the real estate sector since 2008. The list was lead by San Francisco, Houston, San Jose, New York City, and Dallas/Fort Worth.
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According to a recent report by USAA, Austin is ranked 5th in the nation for opportunities for veterans to find jobs. This is the second year in a row that Austin has ranked in the top 10 on the list. Austin often ranks on lists of the "Best Places To Live" in the US, particularly because of the low cost of living (median home price is $186,800), high household income, low unemployment (5.3%), high job growth rate (3.4%) and booming economy.

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Vocativ put out a unique piece based on data across the US' major cities using criteria important for those under 35, a segment largely ignored by demographers. Across 50 cities, here is how Austin ranks:

Median Age - 30.9 (Rank: 4)
Average Rent for 2-Bedroom Apartment - $1,230 (Rank: 29)
Cost of Gallon of Gas - $3.23 (Rank: 7)
Cost of Electricity - 9.00¢ (Rank: 17)
Average Cost of Groceries (Rank: 13)
Public Transportation Ridership - 12% (Rank: 12)
Green Commuter Index (Rank: 2)
Cost of Internet - $26.85 (Rank: 21)
Average Salary - $55,000 (Rank: 24)
Number of Laundromats Per 100,000 People - 4.4 (Rank: 24)
Number of Coffee Shops Per 100,000 People - 62.4 (Rank: 18)
Number of Vintage Clothing Stores Per 100,000 People - 14.4 (Rank: 11)
Number of Cheap Takeout

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Zagat recently posted a list of Austin's 10 best food celebrities:

Jodi Elliott: Pastry Chef at Foreign & Domestic
Paul Qui:Top Chef winner and owner of East Side King and Qui
Todd Duplechan: Chef at Lenoir
Bridget Dunlap: Owner of Lustre Pearl and Mettle
C.K. Chin: General Manager at Swift’s Attic, Kenichi and Paggi House
Jason Stevens: Bartender at Bar Congress, East Side Show Room and Tigress
Ben Runkle: Co-owner of Salt and Time Butcher Shop and Salumeria
Jesse Griffiths: Chef at Dai Due
Drew Curren: Chef at 24 Diner, Easy Tiger and Arro
Philip Speer: Pastry Chef at Uchi and Uchiko
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A recent article in Condé Nast Traveler magazine ranked four of Austin's hotels the "Best In Texas" out of a list of 15. Of course, 3 of those on the list are the usual suspects, Hotel Saint Cecilia, The Four Seasons, and The Driskill. But the inclusion of Hotel Ella was quite a surprise as it has only recently reopened after an intensive renovation.

First built in the 1800's by Dr. Wooten and his wife, Ella, the mansion was entered into the National Registry of Historic Places in 1975. In 1983 it became the Chemical Dependency Treatment Center of Austin. Then in 2003, the structure was renovated to become the Mansion at Judge's Hill and finally went through its most recent transformation into Hotel Ella in 2012. The hotel is also home to one of Austin's…
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Austin's reputation as a job creation juggernaut continues unabated. A recent monthy report measuring the economies of major US metropolitan areas ranked Austin at the top of its list with a score of 83.9 out of 100 based on 18 economic factors. Of the 102 cities measured, Austin is the only city nation-wide with double-digit percentage job growth in the past 5 years.
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According to Rolling Stone Magazine, The Continental Club and Stubb's are among the premier live music venues in the country. South Congress' Continental Club opened in 1957 and has become a cornerstone of Austin's music scene. Stubb's has built itself into one of the required venues for up and coming bands as well as established bands.

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Apparently electric vehicles are catching on in Texas' capitol city as Austin now ranks #4 in the nation For EVs based on population. According the ChargePoint Inc., the operator of a network of charging stations, Austin lags behind only San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego. Austin has a reported 790 registered electric vehicles and 500 dedicated charging stations.

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