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I guess it shouldn't come as such a huge surprise given his name is emblazoned on prominent buildings across the Austin and Round Rock, but Michael Dell was named #18 on Forbes list of America's 50 Top Givers. Dell donated $100 million in (0.6 percent of his wealth), with a total lifetime giving of $914.4 million. Half of this year's donations went towards the Dell Medical School on UT Austin's campus, expected to start enrollment for the 2016 school year. Bill Gates topped off the list giving $1.9 billion in 2012 alone. Dell's total net worth is estimated on the order of $15.9 billion and he ranks #25 on Forbes' list of richest Americans.
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Vocativ put out a unique piece based on data across the US' major cities using criteria important for those under 35, a segment largely ignored by demographers. Across 50 cities, here is how Austin ranks:

Median Age - 30.9 (Rank: 4)
Average Rent for 2-Bedroom Apartment - $1,230 (Rank: 29)
Cost of Gallon of Gas - $3.23 (Rank: 7)
Cost of Electricity - 9.00ยข (Rank: 17)
Average Cost of Groceries (Rank: 13)
Public Transportation Ridership - 12% (Rank: 12)
Green Commuter Index (Rank: 2)
Cost of Internet - $26.85 (Rank: 21)
Average Salary - $55,000 (Rank: 24)
Number of Laundromats Per 100,000 People - 4.4 (Rank: 24)
Number of Coffee Shops Per 100,000 People - 62.4 (Rank: 18)
Number of Vintage Clothing Stores Per 100,000 People - 14.4 (Rank: 11)
Number of Cheap Takeout

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